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          that is our advantage
          best results.

          • Quality

            The company has its own standard plant and equipment research, development, production of complete medical pathology equipment professional manufacturers

          • Team

            Yidi has a set of machinery, electronics, computer and other professional knowledge as one of the comprehensive senior technical personnel team.

          • Patent

            Yidi constantly research and develop new products, there are a number of invention patents and utility model patents and appearance patents.

          • Certification

            Yidi is the first company in the industry to pass GB/T19001-2000 international quality management system certification and CE certification.

          products center

          about yidi

          Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTD is a professional Manufacturer engaged in research &development, production and sale of Histology equipment and consumables. The products covering Microtome ,Tissue Processor ,Embedding Center ,Cryostst , Tissue Floatation Processor ,Tissue Barking Processor and all kinds of Histology consumables. YIDI Products have high quality, high performance and feature excellent after-sale service and are extensively used for scientific research and in the fields of biomedicine, education, epidemic prevention, farming and veterinary science. We has established a complete ...

          high qualityhigh performance
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